Worst Carwash around Asheville – North vs South

We drive around Asheville very much, so we have tested just about every carwash in Buncombe County. This one in Arden hit rock bottom in satisfaction, especially for the price of $8 for the “Super Wash”. Even my 3 year old daughter said "where is the soap daddy?" I am heading back to the Weaverville Citgo or the Gorilla Car Wash on Patton Avenue where life and soap is good!

2 thoughts on “Worst Carwash around Asheville – North vs South

  1. is that the laser wash off hendersonville rd.in south asheville? my car still has dirty spots after i forked out for the biggest package this week. the car wash up at the market center not too far from there has a great car wash (that i’ve experienced anyway).

  2. This is the one next to the Shell station on Airport Road with that Country Food Store. Great sandwiches, but never again on that car wash!

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