Woody’s Pizza and Hoagies in Asheville NC

Asheville has so many great places to eat. I consider Woody’s one of them. When I go out to eat, I try a variety of places in the area. Sometimes I feel like splurging where price is not a concern; and other times I am on a tight budget and need a meal that fills my appetite and does not empty my wallet. It all started one day when I saw a tweet from @itswendylou talking about the great food they had there. So I had to go and try it!

Woody’s Pizza and Hoagies is 5 minutes East of Downtown Asheville. If you know where Applebee’s is on Tunnel Rd, they are right behind them in the old Pizza Hut. This is not a “fine dining” spot, but more like a place that has great food, people and prices. On the last few occasions I was there, I have seen even teenagers going on a date to this place. When 2 of you could walk out satisfied for about $15, this is very good!

I love many of the items on their menu. The White Pizza is to die for!!! I want one now just thinking about it. I also order the Cheese Steak Sub/Hoagie/Hero about every other time as well. And a GIANT delicious sandwich is delivered to my table. YUM! I usually eat half and take the other half home for a midnight snack. Lol, last week I actually gave the other half to a dude asking for food on the side of the road. I know I made his day! Talking about delivery… they also deliver to your home, hotel and location in the area including Downtown Asheville; which is very convenient. Call 828-255-8310. They have a few beers on tap and always have a special running.

Stop by and try them out. I am pretty sure you will be back. I have many times. You can also follow @WoodysHoagies on Twitter. Thank you Woody’s Pizza & Hoagies!

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