WNC Women Awaken the Sacred, Sexual Feminine

WHITTIER, N.C. – Twelve women will gather from North Carolina and from as far away as the African continent to explore an awaken their creative life force through the awakening of the sacred, sexual feminine June 23-30, at Isis Cove Retreat Center.

Gathered by facilitator Anyaa T. McAndrew, a licensed professional therapist known for her international work with the Shamanic Priestess Process,™ the group will honor the divine feminine through living ceremony.

“Living ceremony means that we’ll co-create within a circle of supportive women meaningful rituals allowing us to dance our truth, breathe deeply into our essence, meditate, then move again,” says McAndrew. “In the process, we will claim and clear ancient wounds, share our sexual stories, and safely explore sexual healing.”

Part of the work involves awakening the kundalini, the powerful energy flow through the chakra system.

“Sharing inner reflection and experiential practices allows women to embody their Shakti energy to heal themselves and their relationships to their body,” says McAndrew.

“When that happens, women allow the divine feminine within themselves to blossom. They become able to co-create with Spirit the life they’ve always wanted,” she says.

Participants would agree, according to Morgan Dragonwillow, a massage therapist from Georgia who chose to clear negative past experiences through the process.

“I felt lighter, more free, and have a deep knowing that I healed and cleared some very important wounds forward and backward in time to insure that I didn’t pass it down the line to my granddaughter,” she says.

“Awakening the Sacred-Sexual Feminine” will be June 23-June 30 at Isis Cove Retreat Center near Whittier, N.C. Contact Anyaa T. McAndrew at www.goddessontheloose.com, by email at anyaa@vzemail.com, or call 828.788.0773 for more information.

Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer in Weaverville, N.C.

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