WNC Shamanic Priestess Intensive Empowers Women’s Spirituality,Prepares for 2012

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Calling in the divine feminine and honoring one’s heart, the Shamanic Priestess Process remains a life-enhancing experience in which each woman is encouraged to embrace her own beliefs and stand in her own spiritual authority.

Now, facilitators Anyaa T. McAndrew, of Whittier, a licensed professional counselor, and Shari Starrfire, of Saluda, a bishop in the international Madonna Ministry, offer Asheville and Western North Carolina women the opportunity to experience the process in a weekend workshop “The New Priestess and Women’s Mysteries,” Aug. 21-22. The experience now debuts the addition of the multidimensional energies of 2012, based on the work of celebrated author Barbara Hand Clow.

“The Priestess Process™ is an initiation of the heart,” says McAndrew, who has facilitated women’s spirituality events for the past nine years. “It takes each of us deeply into that which blocks and liberates our full expression.”
Participants in the workshop will have the option of completing the entire series of the Priestess Process™.

By expressing, forgiving, and integrating themselves, women become empowered to open new channels leading to peace and purpose with their family and community. The introduction of the emerging multidimensional aspect raises the process to a whole new level, says McAndrew.
Starrfire agrees. “We are awakening the multidimensional sacred feminine within,” she says. “We are introducing a series of initiatory themes with honor and intention. Upon creating the process, participants will emerge in sacred ceremony.”

The two offer an introductory weekend intensive introduction to the process Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22, at Isis Cove Retreat Center, with an option of completing three additional four-day weekends over a six month period of time.

For more information on the intensive, the Priestess Process, or the multidimensional aspects of the 2012 Turning of the Ages as depicted on the Mayan Calendar, visit www.goddessontheloose.com, or call 828.788.0773.

Sherri L. McLendon is a freelance writer in Weaverville, N.C. Check out her media blog at www.sherrimclendon.com, or email her at sherri@sherrimclendon.com.

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