Wink Hosts Special Event for Women with Curly Hair

Learn how to style and care for your locks at Curls Night Out on February 24

Asheville, NC- Wink is hosting Curls Night Out from 6-9p.m. Thursday February 24 to celebrate customer appreciation. Bring a friend and join us for this free event celebrating our love of curly hair.
During our most popular event of the year Wink’s trained stylists will show you how to love and care for your naturally curly hair.

“The heart of this event is loving the curly hair you were born with. We want to help women out there who have long hated their hair a chance to love it.”  Gilda Santiago- co-owner of Wink.

“The response to Curls Night Out has been over-whelming. Finally women with curly textured hair feel included, getting extra special attention for a hair type that can intimidate many hair stylists. The event is fun, and it’s so cool to see a room packed with women with beautiful naturally curly hair! We will work with the best products, diffusers and finger styling. Your hair will look and feel as amazing as we think you are.” Christine DiBenedetto- co- owner Wink Heads and Threads

Our evening will include special guest artist Cal Ellis, a top stylist at Devachan/ Deva Curl NYC working together with our 8 trained curlaborators. One client recently raved to Cal and said, “You don’t know what you have done for me! I have never felt beautiful, until now.” To this point, Cal exclaims, “This is what it’s all about!”

Curls night out will include training tips from stylists, hair cutting demonstrations, product samples, snacks and drinks, too.  Wink is an award winning salon featuring, jewelry, accessories and gift items, many of them locally or regionally made.

Wink is located in the Biltmore Courtyard building, suite 103. 18 Brook St, Biltmore Village.  Hours are Monday-Saturday 9-6 PM Call 828-277-4070 or visit

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One thought on “Wink Hosts Special Event for Women with Curly Hair

  1. I got my long curls cut and colored at Wink in May 2010, and have been trying to grow out the damage ever since. The colorist burned my scalp, and it peeled for months. Then she gave me an unflattering haircut, drowned in products that made it feel dirty and look dull. When I went to pay, I had been billed for some process (a toner or something?) that I didn't need or ask for, which the colorist mentioned in passing. I had no idea it was something I would be charged for, and I still don't even know what it was. I hated my haircut, and called the next day to schedule an appointment with the owner to try to fix it, but their policy is that you have to go back to the SAME person who screwed it up in the first place, and ask them to fix it, before the owner or a senior stylist will work on it (by which time I had TWO compounded bad haircuts, and never wanted to see the inside of their salon again).

    They use the Devachan technique for curly hair anyway, which is notorious for insufficient cutting in seemingly random places, and recommending untenable methods to maintain your hairstyle. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO WINK. 🙁

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