Will the IWANNA survive Craigslist? (print vs. online in Asheville)

I know that the last time I needed to do some hiring for one of the companies, the Iwanna was $8 per week for a job opportunity listing. The company needed people asap so I decided to throw it out on Craigslist, and the manager’s phone was ringing within 15 minutes. People showed up the next day after about 30 calls and 20 emails that evening. Amazing!

Iwanna better have a serious marketing team going over their strategy and future plans. I used to get an Iwanna every Tuesday, but have not gotten one in several months, except one time for a friend that did not have a computer, lol.

Will the Iwanna make it through? What do you think? http://www.iwanna.com/ or http://www.asheville.craigslist.org/ I think it is a classic case of The Starfish and The Spider.

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