Where is Asheville Kid Zone?

Weaver Park Asheville NC

Everyone with kids loves a place where they can take them (and you) for a little time out, away from the norm, to have “a little fun” and experience somewhere. Some parents are more desperate than others. I have met parents who are dying to get out of the house, and at least have some sort of an experience here and there. The struggles of motherhood are more than many can explain. Then there are those who are working parents, either or both mom and dad. They are looking for moments of time to balance off their lives and also spend quality time with their family. Then, you have those that have it all together, whether a full-time mom and family, or working 60 hours a week… they have a weekly plan that always works out perfectly. Ohhhh for that lot in life!!

Hop Ice Cream Asheville NC

Anyway, Asheville Kids zone for me has been in the North Asheville area for many years. I guess it started with Asheville Pizza having the game room and movies. Then the Hop Ice Cream Shop has always been a “must visit” destination for both kids and parents, and even pets. One of my favorite parks in the Asheville area for kids is Weaver Park, right next to Luella’s BBQ on the northside. Then you have that wooden playground right next to Ira B Jones elementary. Oh, and do not forget about Beaver Lake! But, the southside is picking up too. They have Fun Depot, which has been a great activity center for the whole family for many years. Then the Mountain Play Lodge has opened and it is a great spot for the children.

Where are some other great places to take the kids in the Asheville North Carolina area?

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