When one minute counts

I knew I had to get to the post office on Saturday morning before Noon, and made sure I left at the last minute. I noticed the impatience I had while trying to get there. A car on the side road quickly cut out in front of my vehicle and decided to go 10 miles per hour after (you know how that works). I selfishly asked myself “doesn’t this guy know I have to be at the Post Office in 3 minutes?” I got so stressed about the drag that I started thinking… “there are times when every second counts, every word takes its fix, and every moment is a determinator”.

How can one word, one step, one move be so permanent. It depends where you are in your life and the seriousness of this step. If I missed the post office, I would have two things I had to deal with. I would have to take this same trip again on Monday, and I may have a few mad Ebay buyers. No biggie. But I can recall many times in my own life where 1 minute was a life or death factor. Not just physical; but mental, social, occupational, sexual, influential, relational, and spiritual. Have you ever been socially dead? You feel as if you do not fit in anywhere you go? Or people make you feel uncomfortable? Or maybe it is influential? You once had some sort of influence on society, friends, people, children, students, etc. Now you are not “giving” that great influence you once gave out freely. Maybe you have lost your outlet? Search for another. Revive yourself. Maybe it is spiritual? You once had a faith, somehow lost it, and now you are living in regret. You are holding a talent inside that could profit you and many others. Open up and reach out. You might have been deeply hurt by someone or something and remember that 1 minute… and will never forget it. We all could use our lives back in one area or another.

One word I could have bridled. One good deed I could have done. One conflict I could have diffused. One smile I could have given. One hand I could have reached out. One minute of ignoring my pride. One last action I could have made. One friend I could have made.

At certain times in my life, maybe I have brought peace or hope to some. Maybe I have hurt others. There are many minutes I wish I could retrieve and redo. Don’t you? On the other side… 1 minute of good does wonders too! I have way many many of them also. You take the good minutes with the bad minutes.

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