What’s Smoking?

My father and some other people I know smoke cigarettes. To be honest, I wish they didn’t because it’s gross… overall. I care about my father and the other people that smoke. We all know of the effects, they threaten your life in more than one way. If anyone has any desire to start their journey to quit then I suggest they go to MadVapes on Patton Avenue or their other local location on Tunnel Road.

Madvapes Store Asheville, NC

These guys know their vapes and want to help you to live a longer life. That means something to them because it’s not about looking cool, but if you do want to vape to look cool then they will help with that too. At least you won’t cut off years from your life with cigarettes.

MadVapes Asheville, NC In-House Flavors

Tim, the general manager, used to smoke constantly for a numbered amount of years. He says he tried everything. Some of you might have gotten to that point and felt that way before. MadVapes’ staff have experienced what you have and they have a story to tell, just like you.

I know what I’m getting my father for this Christmas. I believe that it will help him quit his nicotine addiction. Why not get one yourself or for someone you know and care about? I think they would understand the message.

MadVapes Accessories

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2 thoughts on “What’s Smoking?

  1. I’ve heard of electronic cigarettes, but don’t know much about them. No negative health complications? Sounds way better than the real thing. I don’t smoke, but I wonder why more people aren’t using the electronic version nowadays.

    • No negative health complications that I’m aware of! It’s just vapor and flavors with nicotine, if you please. Some people just aren’t fond of the idea yet, you know. I hope it catches on rapidly so that people will feel better about this new beneficial wave!

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