What is an Asheville school resource officer?

“The Asheville City Schools implemented a School Resource Officer program in 1991. This program consists of a police officer assigned to the high school and one to the middle school to act as positive role models for students. The School Resource Officer consists of three primary roles. They are first and foremost a police officer that enforces laws and investigates crimes that occur against the school, the students or staff. The School Resource Officer also teaches students and staff law-related educational programs on a wide variety of topics including preventing weapons at school, criminal law, constitutional law, alcohol abuse and many more. Finally, the School Resource Officer is a counselor and friend to whom students and staff can come for law-related assistance.”

See the rest of the article on: http://www.usmayors.org/bestpractices/bp98/09_1998_Preventing_School_Violence18.htm

One thought on “What is an Asheville school resource officer?

  1. When I was just a young scholar, my SRO was officer Alton Shade, and never was there a nicer man on this earth. He was well-respected by the student body, and never had a problem with anybody. I miss him dearly.

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