What if it were you sir… Oh it is! (trouble in Polk County)

This is so entertaining, it is like a play… and I need some popcorn with extra butter. Do you want to see justice? Just take the Sheriff out of the picture and put any one of us in his position right now, and he himself would throw the book at us. We would die in jail. "Such a good guy, such a nice man" is what I am hearing. Tell that to the 2 little girls he pinned down, or make it even more personal and let's just say for a minute that it was your 2 girls, and you couldn't do anything about it without getting cut off from your community. "It was 20 years ago", they say. Well… some little girl has been waiting for 20 years to get closure on this situation, and the time has obviously arrived. Are not these the same people who enforce "reaping what you sow". Okay, so be a man and reap it. You did back then, and this is what happens.

Partiality is a word that comes to mind. Whether on the side of the community backing him, or on the side of the Asheville Citizen Times newspaper leaning toward sympathy, and not balance. Where are the girls talking about what he did to their lives? Just like AshVegas implied recently, you are kissing way too much butt to be a reliable, trustworthy news source. Ashevillians are not slow and we do not "just go with the flow". We will call you out! He even got props saying that he is not running for re-election if he is cleared. Oh, so if they let you ride free, you will not run for Sheriff, thanks, lol. I guess the first jury breach did not work so now we are desperate. Read this story… and you may want to play the violin while reading it. I don't care, play the song. I refuse to dance

Asheville Citizen Times story… "MILL SPRING – Polk County Sheriff Chris Abril addressed about 50 supporters this afternoon, telling them controversy surrounding his upcoming rape trial had taken too much time away from his job and away from his family. Those factors motivated him to submit his resignation Thursday, Abril said. The resignation takes effect Sunday."The ongoing negative and controversial social climate surrounding my service as sheriff have had a profound impact on my family, the employees at the Polk County Sheriff's Office, and our community," Abril stated in the letter given to county Board of Commissioners Chairman Tommy Melton and county attorney Tom Hix. Abril's attorney, Stephen Lindsay of Asheville, urged supporters to write letters to the judge who will oversee the sheriff's trial and attend if they can. In the gathering this afternoon, Abril, 45, offered handshakes and exchanged hugs at the Mill Spring Fire Department.

"He is a fine upstanding man. I can't find words to describe what kind of person he is," supporter Barbara Dempsey said. "This is a sad day for Polk County,"Abril said he would assist the next sheriff in making a smooth transition. Authorities charged Abril in 2006, with five counts of first-degree statutory rape and one count of first-degree sexual offense shortly before he was elected sheriff. The charges stem from allegations involving a 10-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl and the crimes are alleged to have happened 20 years ago.The trial had started in August in Polk County, but a judge ordered a change of venue after prosecutors said Abril had contact with two potential jurors. Lindsay said the sheriff would not seek election again if he were cleared of the charges." ***End of their story

I kind of feel bad for the Judge because people like this expect the people “on their side” to have their back even when they do wrong. Thank you to Judges that refuse to be swayed.

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