Rentals Suffer in West Asheville

Phase 1 of this West Asheville, Sand Hill Rd. development is complete, to the left, and full of renters. When I stopped by today, the manager was banging on doors and telling another resident that half of the people living here are not paying their rent. Everyone is suffering financially because we all make this economy go round. I have been “cutting back” like mad and because of that, the restaurants, shops, and places I frequent suffer as well. Economy… Please come back strong!

Asheville Dogs, Great Dane with toy

Here is a beautiful dog we saw on Patton Avenue in West Asheville. Likes women only, bad history with men, lol. Check out the stuffed animal (frog) this dog carries around. This lady was the dogs new owner, and she seemed perfect for the job. Thank you to all our animal lovers in Asheville North Carolina!

The Rush – new Asheville sports club

Two new sports clubs/complexes are open in Asheville as of November 1st, 2008. One on the corner of Haywood Rd & Patton Ave and the other on Hendersonville Rd. Word is that the one on Haywood Rd is just a spin-off to get members and then they will build a giant Asheville sports complex where the Bilo on Patton is now (just closed down). Ha, the economy is bad, but big companies (Rush has many locations nationwide) know that they better plant now to accommodate the inevitable growth that Asheville North Carolina will see in the next 36 months.