Asheville Cider at Urban Orchard on Haywood Rd

Urban Orchard Cider Company Asheville

We had not really gotten on the cider wagon. Living in Asheville nowadays, you gravitate to craft beer for the most part. And rightly so. After Beer City USA happened, the craft drinking scene in our community was embedded in our hearts and souls, which led to our mouths and down our throats. Along with that, comes their cousin cider! After reading a recent article about the Top 25 Restaurants in Asheville, and seeing how Urban Orchard Cider Company made this list; we had to go again. Not only that, but when the Asheville Foodie page on Facebook tagged the restaurants on Facebook congratulating them, they were one of the few who responded. Social media counts, so that’s a few more clout points to them in our book!

The cider was delicious, perfect for the Sunday brunch meal that we had which was an Artichoke Dip plate and a Reuben Sandwich. Everything was so good. We sat in the open window seats and enjoyed the fresh air. If you have not been to Urban Orchard Cider Company, they are located on Haywood Rd East in west Asheville on what some call Asheville’s Sweet Slope. Other eateries in walking distance of this spot are The Hop Ice Creamery, Short Street Cakes, HOLE Doughnuts, and the new Taco Billy.

Also, remember that the NC Cider Fest 2015 is coming up on November 7, 2015 in Asheville. That event is going to be tremendous!!

West Asheville Dinner at Buffalo Nickel

Buffalo Nickel West Asheville NC

After checking out the new “Only In Asheville” book, Buffalo Nickel stuck in my mind. I have been here several times and the food was great. Then just the other day, I saw a tweet saying something to the effect of “Just ate at Buffalo Nickel and it was some of the best food we have had in a long time”. Part of my business side is to influence, and part of my human side is to be influenced. So we headed that way for a quick bite tonight. And it was delicious. The macaroni & cheese had crawdads and ham in it, and I had to fight my 2 year old for those crawdads. And then the main dish came… chicken so moist and delicious, with carrots, peas, mushrooms, mashed potatoes; all of which tasted amazing! Thanks to the great staff there, and especially to Clu who tended to our table.

Hot Chicken in Asheville NC

Asheville Chicken Shack

I was never really into Hot Chicken. That was until a friend of mine brought over some wings from Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack in west Asheville, and with some New Belgium 1554 to go along with it. Wow! Unlike my friends, I am not into too much spice, or trying to beat the next man by swallowing a bottle of hot sauce; so I got the mild and it was good enough. Actually spicier than I planned, but along with the beer came an explosion of taste that was worth it all. If you need some hot chicken in Asheville, well now you know where to go!

Asheville Now Has Barbecue Til Midnight!

bonfire barbecue bbq asheville

Asheville still doesn’t have their foodie schedule together. We have the issue of some restaurants closing for 1-3 hours in the late afternoon, leaving us hungry should we want to have a late lunch or early dinner. Then you have the craft donut (doughnut) shops in Asheville that close early. Donuts are a 24/7 type of food so I donot (do not) understand this reasoning. I always end up at the donut shop a few minutes too late. Keith at Inspire Fitness would quickly say that this is to my benefit. But after all of that comes the abnormal store hours of Asheville barbecue. 12 Bones started it with their flagship restaurant, closed here and there, and then only open til early afternoon when opened, sometimes running out of food and closing early. Believe me, it can get frustrating sometimes.

Yesterday I saw that Rob from Anderson Nissan was out celebrating his birthday with family and friends, and posted a photo on Facebook showing him at Bonfire Barbecue. I immediately got hungry and headed that way. I actually raced to the old Barbecue Inn, thinking it was there, but that place is still a ghost town. I resorted to GPS and found it down the road, right near Octopus Garden on Patton Avenue in West Asheville. There was a cool furniture and home decor shop next door too.

As we walked in, we heard one of the customers bragging to the waitress about the Beef Brisket. I could not get that out of my mind, so that is what I ended up ordering; and so glad I did. Had a chicken sandwich too, and it was delish! They have pulled pork and ribs too, but of course! Anyway, my main point of this post is that Asheville now has barbecue on tap til midnight (on Friday & Saturday) on the westside at Bonfire Barbecue. A nice looking beer bar with lots of TV screens too. I was watching woman’s softball, baseball, boxing, and tweeting, at the same time; all while I sipped on some cider. Nice experience and we look forward to going back there again soon.