West Asheville Dinner at Buffalo Nickel

Buffalo Nickel West Asheville NC

After checking out the new “Only In Asheville” book, Buffalo Nickel stuck in my mind. I have been here several times and the food was great. Then just the other day, I saw a tweet saying something to the effect of “Just ate at Buffalo Nickel and it was some of the best food we have had in a long time”. Part of my business side is to influence, and part of my human side is to be influenced. So we headed that way for a quick bite tonight. And it was delicious. The macaroni & cheese had crawdads and ham in it, and I had to fight my 2 year old for those crawdads. And then the main dish came… chicken so moist and delicious, with carrots, peas, mushrooms, mashed potatoes; all of which tasted amazing! Thanks to the great staff there, and especially to Clu who tended to our table.

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