Welcome to Montford, Asheville NC

I personally love Montford. The homes, people, and vibe is wonderful. I did not know too much about the area, but I took this from their Montford website. Please read the info and history.

“Whether you are a visitor, new to the neighborhood or a longstanding resident, Montford is a great place to be.

A Brief History:

Montford is a neighborhood in Asheville, North Carolina. A portion of Montford is a National Register Historic District, the first of three local historic districts to come under the jurisdiction of the Historic Resources Commission (HRC) of Asheville and Buncombe County (see the Asheville city link for more information and guidelines). Montford Hills is an adjacent neighborhood which is outside the jurisdiction of the HRC. Recent years in Montford have witnessed the renovation of many of the neighborhood’s residences by individual families and a myriad of industrious bed and breakfast owners who have helped to restore the district to its former splendor.

Located in Buncombe County (founded in 1792), the town of Asheville, North Carolina was incorporated in 1797. However, until the arrival of the railroad in 1880, Asheville was little more than an isolated mountain village, a small trading center and occasional vacation spot for a few summer visitors. When rails overcame the barrier of the Blue Ridge, a boom began that was to continue almost uninterrupted for five decades.

The neighborhood that permanently expresses the diversity of this era is Montford. This sprawling, homogeneous neighborhood of about three hundred acres retains over six hundred structures representing a rich diversity of architectural styles, most constructed between 1890 and 1920 during Asheville’s emergence as the greatest city of the Southern Appalachians. The adjacent area know as Montford Hills was dubbed a suburb of Montford and built primarily in the 1920s.

The residents of Montford welcome you. It’s the people here, through all their efforts, that make this neighborhood a great place.” www.Montford.org

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