Let me tell you about an addictive new exercise craze! It’s this dancing aerobics that is so much fun and can burn from 500 to 1000 calories. It is a mainly Latin with a mix of hip hop. It is so much fun! I have been taking a class at the Waynesville Recreation Center since February and fell in love with it. I have lost 25 pounds because of it. I have made many new friends. It is amazing and so much fun. There are people who come to class who hate to exercise, but this does not feel like exercise! It is available in Asheville you need only call the Y or local gyms. It is not at all the gyms. Classes fill up quick!

Here is a link to a story the Today Show covered on Zumba.


I am super excited about being asked to be an author on this blog! Asheville is such a beautiful city. I can give you a perspective from the west side! I live in Waynesville and work in Asheville. Actually, let me just tell you. I have been mad working at Christmas at Biltmore Estate! It is so beautiful this year. Yesterday, we (the floral department), added a new red ribbon to the tip of our 35′ christmas tree in the banquet hall. It says, “In loving memory of our Penny!” This year’s tree is for you, Penny!

I look forward to writing many blogs on this blogspot!

Have a blessed day!