Waynesville’s Tipping Point

haywood county courthouse waynesville nc

Part of our “Staycations” include going to other communities around Asheville North Carolina. We visited Waynesville North Carolina recently and had a great time on Main Street. There is plenty of art, history and architecture in this town to experience.

tipping point brewery waynesville nc

We had never been to Tipping Point Brewery and we had heard that they have great food, so we stopped in to check it out. The craft beer selection was right on point. We ordered a flight of their house made brews.. Blonde, Amber, IPA and Porter. All of them were great, and we quickly picked out our faves, with pints soon to follow. The food showed up and it was delicious! The atmosphere was comfortable and the staff was friendly. Our type of beer bar!

jeweler's workbench waynesville nc

We also went up the street to visit the The Jeweler’s Workbench to see some of the beautiful and fine handcrafted jewelry they feature from around the WNC region and from around the United States. We also saw that they had local celebrity artist Q Evon Jewelry on display.

Coming to the mountains of Western North Carolina? Put Waynesville NC on your list of places to spend the day or two!

Join the Asheville Community Content Team

We are putting together a Community Content Team for the new AskAsheville website and blog that we are launching in a few weeks. A team of 10 is already in place, but we are looking for more people who would like to contribute and share information about a variety of topics. Sections of the new site include News, Women, Beer, Food, Wine, Hotels, Photos, Videos, Business, Events, Music, Entertainment, Neighboring Towns and much more. We are interested in getting a great diversity of contributors that will share Asheville from their “point of view” on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You may be a Writer or Blogger in the WNC area that would like to post a weekly story to AskAsheville. Maybe you are a Photographer or Videographer in the community that wants to share a photo or some videos each week with a quick description on the blog. You may be a marketer and have a few clients or business connections that you would like to write about on a monthly basis. Or maybe you just like to go out and eat, drink, tour, dance, shop and have a good time; and you want to start documenting the experiences, making them count more, and building a portfolio of your work. You post it… and we distribute it online through our social media audiences which reach so many focused on the Asheville area.

Team meetings (online & offline) and full support will be offered including educational opportunities for you to teach your area of expertise, and learn from other teammates. We are implementing a mentorship and internship program as well, so if there is an area of media that you would like to learn more about or improve on; we can help you with training. We can also assist you with credit and a certificate for the work you complete. This could mean extra-credit for you in College and this will give you more credibility to potential employers and clients.

Building a community takes a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some of you, some of me, some of all of us. Can you write 200 words per month or per week about something that pertains to Asheville NC? Can you provide one featured photo per week or month with 25 word description? Can you draw a weekly or monthly cartoon? Maybe you want to do an Asheville Short Story series? We’ve got your back! We will feature you on our new website, link to you, promote you and your content, and the whole team will support you. We invite you to apply to be on our Asheville Community Content Team.

Contact AskAsheville

Waynesville NC Salsa in Haywood County

The Salsa Workshop will be from 3:00 until 6:00, Saturday May 9th at Smoky Mountain Dance Center, 1082 N. Main St in Waynesville North Carolina.

Beginners Class 3:00-3:50, Intermediate Class 4:00-4:50, Advanced Class 5:00-5:50.

Classes are $15 each per person or $40 per person for all three classes

Please Contact Dave Burchfield, Owner of Floor Play Dance Company. Phone is (828) 734-8804 or (828) 734-6403. Email is floorplaydancecompany@gmail.com

Good Tuesday Morning!

I sit in my plush cushy chair early this Tuesday morning all the while trying to get my eight year old daughter up so she can get ready for school. The week has only begun and I’m ready for Friday already! Last night was a lot of fun though. I love watching the joy on her face as she runs to hand out candy canes in the Waynesville Christmas Parade. I don’t have any pictures because I forgot my camera, but I was so busy keeping up with Girl Scouts I would have had no chance to take any. The parade was at least twice as large as it was last year. It was a hit. It was changed to night and I truly feel that made a huge difference.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Good Morning

So, how do you know when it’s safe to drive to work? This is such a sticky situation. It’s such a hard call to make. I got up early this morning and tried to make it to work. The roads in Waynesville were so bad, and I have to admit, I do not drive well in icy conditions, I ended up coming home after 20 minutes of driving. I was a nervous wreck and praying the whole time. I work in Asheville. That is a long way and the conditions change so much between here and there. It is 9:3o now and it is still flurrying here, but the conditions may be OK at work. I always feel guilty when I don’t feel safe to make the drive, but it’s OK there. Does that make any sense. I have work to do, but I know it will get done whether I am there or not. I have checked the weather and it is not supposed to get above freezing. So, I ponder this, at what point do I say, “OK, I’m staying home?” Even if the accumulation is not much. I just don’t feel safe driving in icy conditions. The snow is not so bad. Anyway…I thought I’d just put that out there. Maybe I can get some input as to how you all handle this. Let me say, it sure is pretty out there! God’s glory at His finest!