Walk in the Sun

“If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun.”
~Benjamin Franklin

As a small respite from Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning, I treated myself to a stroll around downtown Asheville yesterday afternoon, soaking in the upbeat creative energy that buzzed from each shop visited.

I picked up great button beads for my crochet vest at Chevron Trading Post before taking care of my growling stomach at Mellow Mushroom. Of course, I sat outside to soak up the sun and noticed how the clear blue sky rivaled the restaurant sign.Settling in, I ordered the bartender’s own concoction– a Catawba Pumpkin Ale topped with Highlander Porter while waiting for the House Special pizza. Ahh.

Dining al fresco under Asheville’s clear blue sky is a relaxing way to work on life’s checklists, perhaps solve or at least table a few problems, and transform any wax build up into a magic mold.

(@mscator welcomes your Twitter follow and posts Asheville sunrise photos daily off her blog http://mosway.blogspot.com/)

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