Wadadli Dessert Oasis in Asheville NC

Wadadli Dessert Oasis Asheville

We stopped by the Beehive Coffee Bar in the South Asheville / Arden area of town just recently, and in walks a lady carrying a bunch of muffins. I got up and asked who she was and what was she delivering. Turns out it was Stacy from Wadadli Dessert Oasis in Asheville and she was dropping off some lemon poppy seed muffins to Sofie at Beehive. We all talked for a few moments about food and community, and then she jumped back into her car and took off, most likely back to baking. Then I took a look online at what types of food they offered. Turns out they specialize in vegan Caribbean baked goods and cuisine. And it all looks so delicious. You can find some of their products at the French Broad Food Co-Op in downtown Asheville, and also at the West Village Market & Deli in west Asheville.

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