A Visit to Artisan Cafe and Lounge in Candler-Town USA

artisan cafe candler asheville

One of our favorite locally owned places to eat in the Enka-Candler area, just minutes from west Asheville, is Artisan Cafe, and it has been that way for years. Just recently a new owner took over the place and is making some great improvements. We stopped by for a quick bite today and ended up having an experience worth writing about.

artisan catering candler nc

We walked in and saw that they had a new layout, a giant lounge area on the left, and the ordering counter and kitchen in the space to the right. I immediately noticed a couch and a couple seats in the back where I wanted to sit. We ordered, took a few photos, met the happy staff and got settled in. One of the girls was a recent graduate of the AB Tech Culinary program.

artisan avl

This place is cozy! The owner is looking to get some local Musicians and bands to begin performing around early June, and they have empty walls screaming for local Artists in the area to feature their work. You can contact Artisan Cafe for more info about either of these opportunities.

Artisan Deli Breakfast Burrito

Oh, and I had the Classic Breakfast Burrito, a fave of mine for years, and it was so good! The others had a few breakfast sandwiches on bagels. We look forward to spending a lot more time at this place in good ole Candler-Town USA!

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