Vino Vino Wine Market Closed, Asheville Heads Elsewhere

vino vino wine market asheville

Big Wine News in the area as Vino Vino Wine Market in Woodfin closes their doors, and their customers are now looking for a place to go. Vino Vino was pretty much known for their self-serve wine dispenser where you received a card, put some money on it, and helped yourself to about 20 wines featured on this circular kiosk. I remember having fun there, trying out wine, checking out their craft beer selection, and talking to Capachina who was one of the staff. I think I had a few bucks left on my card still, but oh well; I did not make it back in time and did not notice that they were closing. This does mean that they will have more time to focus on Stoney Knob Cafe, which one of our fave places to eat!

So now I have several choices. I could head to Maggie B’s in Weaverville, or maybe Wine Tunnel on Tunnel Rd; or the new spot everyone is raving about… Divine Wine & Beer in East Asheville. Anyway, we also have few great options on the AskAsheville Wine Page for you to choose from. Happy Wine Hunting!

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