Victoria’s Secret in Asheville, something for the ladies (and the men too)

I kind of think this is an awesome idea for the guys to stop by stores like these and invest in something that will benefit the both of you. I know on “According To Jim”, he bought his wife a flat screen tv with a sports channel subscription as a gift, and that is a little too inconsiderate. Do not know her size? Go in, pick someone there, point at some random lady, and say she’s about like her size, etc. I have done it plenty of times, lol. Or skip the “clothing”, and check out their perfumes, make up, and other bath products that I am sure your significant other would love to try. Great section in there featuring the “Pink” teen and young lady line (or feeling young, lol), another featuring the “Angels” line (pajamas, bras, underwear, pastel colors, soft materials), also the “Very Sexy” line which leans more toward lingerie, sexy clothing, etc, and then “Body By Victoria” which is sportswear and activewear. This store has 6 sections, while the Victoria’s Secret at the Biltmore Square Mall has 5.

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