Ushas Yoga by Anna Ferguson in Asheville NC

My name is Anna Ferguson, and I am a yoga teacher, writer, mural artist and photographer. I have been living in Asheville for over 5 years now. Ushas Yoga is my business: I do private therapeutic yoga sessions (from 1 to 5 people), teach yoga classes and workshops. I also write articles on yoga, do mural art and photography.

I am the owner and sole employee! I started teaching in Asheville and surrounding areas in 2007. I opened my private studio, Ushas Yoga, in January of 2010. I have been writing, painting and taking photos for 18 years! I love living and working in Asheville for the people, the community. The scenery doesn’t hurt either!

Favorite things about Asheville and WNC: The people, the yoga and the land. There is a special something about these mountains that makes me feel instantly at home. I am inspired by people I meet everyday. Everyone has something to teach me.

The best part of your Asheville or WNC business is: Everything! I love helping people find freedom from pain in the body, mind and spirit with yogic practices. I also love creating murals from baby nurseries to themed pieces. Writing, graphic design and photography are also awesome creative outlets for me.

I work with Asheville Yoga Center on a weekly basis as a teacher and also as a photographer/writer. I also work with West Asheville Yoga, teaching different series and workshops. Lastly, I also network with Lindsay Fields (Hot Yoga) on different social networking sites and events.

What services do you offer?

Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions. Perfect for someone just starting out with yoga or someone who is dealing with illness or injury. Also great for someone not comfortable in class setting or wanting a more personalized experience.

Mural Art. Murals done on any surface with any theme. Designed and completed with creativity to the max!

Photography. Specializing in yoga photography. If you need some head shots, or artistic shots of poses for flyers or your web site, I’m your girl.

Writing. Insightful, creative and complete articles on a host of wellness issues.

Oh, I love making people laugh!
Ushas Yoga: A Dawning of Awareness in yoga, art and life.
12 1/2 Wall Street, Suite P. Asheville NC 28801 (Right next to Early Girl)
Business Email:
Business Phone #: 828-273-6617

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