Useful Plants Nursery in Black Mountain

We are Useful Plants Nursery, a Permaculture-inspired plant nursery that grows plants for “edible landscaping” – i.e. the transformation of yards, vacant lots, and really whatever space you might imagine, into food and medicine-growing plots of land. We’ve been working to transform American agriculture since 2001 by putting the ‘tools’ – i.e. plants and knowledge to be food self-sufficient into as many peoples’ hands as we can. We’re doing this because we know that the US (and, increasingly, world) food system needs a major overhaul. We’re depleting topsoil, polluting rivers and aquifers, and irrigating more than the world can afford, all in the name of making money. We’re looking to turn those trends around by encouraging and enabling sustainable systems of food production.

Useful Plants serves the entire bioregion from Philadelphia to Tennessee to South Carolina and Georgia, and are looking to expand into “soil-recharging” fertilizers and landscape design services as well. One day, we hope that whenever someone calls us and says “I want to put an edible landscape in my___”, we will be able to say, “yeah, we can do that”.

Useful Plants Nursery is located at Earthaven Ecovillage at 1041 Camp Elliott Road, Black Mountain, North Carolina 28711. We can be reached on the web at, where you can also learn about our sister consulting business, Living Systems Design. You can also email or call (828)-669-6517.

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