This is a test from my Blackberry 2 Blog… and some more late night small talk

Just having some fun with the new Blogger app for my BB and want to see how it displayed etc. Beautiful day in Asheville North Carolina today!

A few hours later: Nice… it works! I was able to take a few pictures on my cell, start an MMS message to, fill in the subject, write the article, push send (or my little joy ball on my Blackberry), and Bam it is done! Online in a minute on the go! I give it an A.

*Note: You have to register your cell phone number with Blogger before sending mms or emails to them.

FYI, for my fellow Blackberry users… (friends too)… you can write a blog, but you cannot label your posts on your BB or cell, so you need to come back later, on a desktop or laptop to do so.

We all have labels, don’t we? Some label themselves, some label everyone and everything else. We ought to know who we are and how others see us. Not that we have to worry about what everyone else thinks, but it helps us get a “side angle” of ourselves. Kind of like a reference mirror that we can look at when we choose. Maybe the situation is in us mislabeling ourselves and not expanding our own views and full potential. For some us that are stuck in a sort of limbo, maybe having a small identity crisis, trying to put some of the pieces together and find out who we once were, who we are right now, who we want to become, and who we actually will become in the future.

Then there are those who have a label they put on everything. Have you ever know a person who always had that “not as good as last time” attitude no matter what the occasion? I mean, sometimes I have went really out of my way to take someone to a place they always bragged about. Then the whole time they are there, they talk about the last time. Then when you leave all they talk about is it “not being as good as the last time”. I think it is sometimes just a case of the “honeymoon syndrome”, maybe even over-enjoying something, & then waking up to reality a little the next day. Hmmmmm.

Have you ever met someone that labeled everything as evil or bad? They find the wrong in everything and actually make up petty reasons to support their false claim. Then there are those who live life and try to find a fair balance. Accepting people for who they are (not who we think they should be), being kind, patient, loving, supportive, and honest (with others and ourselves). This is the person that I seek… and hope to find in others and myself.

Asheville Home Energy Partners

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Tree Craft Log Homes Inc. was founded in Mars Hill, NC in 1984 as a manufacturer of quality log home kits. In the decades that followed the company refined its products and services to become a producer of some of the finest log homes and building materials in the industry.

With its recent acquisition of a state-of-the-art Leadermac molder and the construction of a new facility at 421 Old Mars Hill Highway in Weaverville, NC, Tree Craft is prepared to more aggressively compete in the market by providing quality materials and workmanship while continuing to enable more people to own their dream log home by keeping prices within reason.

At Tree Craft log Homes Inc., we don’t think it should cost a ‘premium’ to own a premium log home. Many of our homes are constructed at per square foot prices comparable to a conventional stick-built or even some modular homes. And while log McMansions have dominated the media of late, we find our greatest satisfaction in building homes for families with less need for size but a taste for quality and an appreciation of Appalachian workmanship and Green Construction principles. We welcome you to visit our website @

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