So this word keeps coming up. It’s kind of cool. I love how God uses what seems like such a common word or thought continually. Well, He keeps bringing the word “Divine” up to me in various ways. The other morning I was eating something, I don’t remember what, but I thought how divine it was. Molly, who was sitting next to me actually said it was divine. God really wanted me to use this word. That afternoon we went to Penny Hagaman’s service. She was a part of our floral crew and passed away after a long battle of cancer Sunday morning. The pastor brought up the word divine again. And I read it in the Bible later that night. I don’t remember exactly where.

Well, the word just kept coming to me. Thursday night our college minded Bible study watched a video with Pastor Louie Giglio and he mentioned the word divine. And as I read a book on dealing with being single and using this time of singleness to work for God, divine came up again. So, I looked it up in Webster’s online dictionary. There were two definitions that really made sense and really made this word seem so much more divine!

Divine–1) of, relating to, or preceding directly from God (divine love) 2) supremely good

I thought this was pretty cool and God speaking to me to let me know He is divine. I am not alone and He has my best interest at heart! He only wants me to be happy.

Jesus is Divine!! God bless all those who read this!

Need More Asheville Blog Authors ASAP!

*Wanted… not this guy… but I am talking about YOU. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a power blogger on our blog site (at least one blog a day), please have them send an email to AskAsheville@gmail.com. (that reward in the photo is not valid) We need a strong community effort and want to make sure we network with the right people. We have 5 current Authors (Red Devil, Jennifir, Ryahjoy, Danielle, and AskAshe). We have 7 Authors getting ready to join us, and we need about 8 more to team up with us and pump some interaction, content, and comments on these blogs.
**If you have a MySpace page, Facebook page, or whatever… link to this blog, send bulletins about it, and more. This is Asheville’s blog!
***You can take 7 photos in Asheville or wherever in about 15 minutes, and blog for the whole week on them! You can get a photo from http://www.flickr.com/ and blog on it. You can take a picture of a website or web page on your computer and blog on that. Text is really great, but it does not have to be much if you are not used to writing. You blog can simply be a photo and a sentence about that photo. Anything is better than nothing. Let’s get this thing rolling hard.

An introduction…..

Iiiiiiiiiiiii, am Derek Thomas Hopkins, and Iiiiiiiiii am not a simple man. I have my own set of troubles, not unlike the rest of you gentle people. At the moment, I am experiencing feelings of hoplessness as I can not seem to decide how to go about finishing my college education. I am not a wealthy man. I’m considering purchasing a shotgun and robbing a bank (just kidding F.B.Iiiiiiiiii. 🙂

I have decided this very evening that i’m going to kindof abandon my social life and focus on school. If successful, I will become the only male in my family to successfully complete high school and acquire a college education. This would would NOT suck. In fact, it would be quite the opposite of suck. It would be rather fantastic really 🙂 Developments will be reported as they roll in 😀

Jimmy’s Automotive North Asheville – Great Company!

Jimmy’s has been in business in North Asheville/Weaverville for many many years. They moved to their new location about 9 years ago, but have been in business in Woodfin for a total of 23 years. You do not get this far in business by being mediocre. Jimmy said the things that gives him a good reputation in the area are “working very hard Monday through Friday” and “being nice to people”. We are proof of that, as they have serviced us perfectly several times. He mentioned about the balance he has mastered on keeping a firm scheduled time for work (M-F 8-5), and then have time for his family, living, etc. Some of us need to learn about that, lol.

*Thank you to the Service Desk @ Jimmy’s Auto… Brian & Trent are awesome!

You can find mechanics anywhere, but your bigger goal should be to get the vehicle repaired properly. A fair price and a great attitude always helps too. Jimmy’s has been that place for us. Visit Jimmy’s if you are looking for an proven established company in Asheville North Carolina. http://www.jimmysauto.com/. *Quick Note… one of our vehicles broke down and Jimmy himself came quickly out of the back of the large shop to find out “who needs a ride home?” Thank you again Jimmy!
Also… see some video on Jimmy’s Automotive here: www.youtube.com/askasheville