UCoups.com – Bringing Asheville New Online Discount Daily Deals

While online coupon services offering their followers daily saving of 50% and more on daily deals have been springing up across the country, Asheville residents have largely been ignored by such companies.

However, this vacuum is about to be filled by a new online venture, uCoups.com, which will soon offer Asheville bargain hunters a daily discount deal featuring savings of at least 50% at a wide group of restaurants, health spas and beauty salons, recreational facilities and other establishments.

Although most of the nation’s largest cities have one or more daily deal sites, for the most part, the concept has not yet reached smaller and medium sized cities such as Asheville. In announcing plans to launch its Asheville operation, the managers said “uCoups.com is striving to provide residents in Asheville with the same opportunity for online savings that have previously been available in larger markets.”

The company also stresses that, in today’s turbulent economic climate, businesses participating in uCoups’ program of online daily deals will have a new risk-free marketing tool to help attract potential new customers. The motivating force driving uCoups.com and similar operations is that they assemble a large body of potential customers and place a highly discounted product or service before them from one specific business for a limited time, via daily e-mails to their subscribers.

In essence, the merchant, who incurs no outlay of cash for this promotion, has ultimate control of the process since he can govern the number of units to be sold and can also specify the amount of the actual discount. Each offer is available only for a limited time, usually 24 hours. Likewise, individual consumers are free to select only those deals which appeal to them and incur no cost until electing to make a purchase that appeals to them. Each transaction is handled online with a certificate for the discounted purchase delivered the next day that can be used during an extended period, usually for six to twelve months from the date of purchase.

Anyone interested in becoming a subscriber and receive notice of each day’s deal at no cost can enroll simply by visiting the company website at www.uCoups.com and submitting their e-mail address. The first of the Daily Deals should be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Businesses wanting more information about how they can participate in the program can contact Steve Heiselman at 828.216.4230 or by e-mail at steve@ucoups.com.

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