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Everyone is talking about Twitter and how it is the Craze of Today. Some people who do not know much about it downplay the possibilites because it is “new” and different. I can say right now that everyone, including the “little guys” are exploding because they are “taking their chances” and putting these new tools to use.

If you already have a Twitter Account, here are some great Twitter Tips from G Social Media (of course)

1. Reach Out and Connect – Do not just make your account and wait for people to find and follow you. Start following as many people as you can. Everyone is a potential! Get out of that little box you have trapped yourself in. Network!

2. Follow Your Followers – Check daily, and if anyone has followed you, follow them back. Open up and give some reciprocal love!

3. Add a Photo – A Photo of you, your logo, or your organization goes a long way. Adding that personal touch makes connections so much easier.

4. Description – Adding a good description goes a long way. Do not just say something like “Realtor” or “Builder”. Add some spice to it like “I am Crazy about Real Estate” or “I am In Love… with Realty”. Add your contact info here! Phone number is good. Your website can go on line for your website, and it is a live link.

5. @Replies – Pay attention to these! This is anywhere you Twitter page is mentioned publicly. You will find this on the right column on your Twitter page.

6. Direct Messages – DM’s are many times “Thank You for Following me” etc. Once you start gaining ground on Twitter, the DM’s will get better. You can also sign up on to have a direct message automatically sent to your followers.

7. Communicate – What Are You Doing? Sounds simple, but you could say a lot. “Working with a John on some Asheville Real Estate options on the North Side of town”. See the keywords I used? Use Them Too! Also mix business with personal and show the human side “Eating a big steak with Carol from Asheville Home Builders”.

8. Communicate Some More – Write back to people and ReTweet other good sayings, news, and quotes. This will teach you to be open! You are not the only one with Great Ideas and News. Learn to Network!!!

Social Media extends your reach and exposure by 100’s (Are you listening to me???, I SAID 100’s) of percentages!!! It is definitely not something to overlook if you plan on staying in the game.

Some resources: Twitter, Twitpic, Tweetvisor

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