The Travelocity Roaming Gnome is Coming to Asheville

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Exciting times this week as the Travelocity Roaming Gnome brings tidings of great joy to Asheville, North Carolina. Our community is making so much good noise around the world, that he simply had to come by to experience it for himself. And we at are thrilled to be his local guide for his visit, making sure he sees all of the area’s best sights. 

He will roam about with us for three days: sampling the cuisine, taking in our area’s natural beauty and documenting every moment of his visit on Instagram and Twitter.

And with so many things to do in Asheville and the western North Carolina area, you’re probably wondering just what will be on his agenda.

travelocity roaming gnome asheville foodie

First up: food. The Roaming Gnome can’t be expected to properly gallivant about without fueling up his belly. And there is so much incredible local cuisine on all ends of the WNC community that a foodie tour is definitely in order. He will not miss out on a single tasty morsel! 

After all that food, he’s sure to be thirsty. So we’re taking him to sample some flights at Asheville’s great area breweries. We want to give him a proper taste of the awesome Asheville beer scene, so don’t be surprised if you spot him downing a pint down the bar from you.

And you can’t explore Asheville without stopping by the Biltmore Estate. The Roaming Gnome will be taking a tour of the epic mansion, sipping some vino in their tasting room and maybe even canoeing. (Paddling is not his forte, but he’s up for anything.)

travelocity roaming gnome asheville spa

R&R is also on the itinerary, with a soothing visit to the Grove Park Inn. If anyone can loosen up the stiffness in a cement statue, it would be their masseuses. 

Plus, we’ll be hitting up The Orange Peel for an authentic Asheville music experience.

But above all, the Roaming Gnome is the sort of fellow who likes to fly by the seat of his underknickers. So keep your eyes peeled. You might catch him dancing to the drum beat at Asheville’s Drum Circle, scarfing down breakfast at the best morning spots, or perusing pottery in the River Arts district. You just never know!

He’s arriving soon, so if you want to keep up with all his Asheville adventures, make sure you follow him @RoamingGnome on Twitter and @RoamingGnome on Instagram.

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