Top 25 Restaurants In Asheville According To TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Asheville NC

TripAdvisor has become our first choice when looking for a place to stay, eat, or go to in Asheville or any city we end up in. Urbanspoon was a close second, but since they have sold out to Zomato, things just have not been the same. We rarely visit Yelp anymore, but I have to say that they are putting a lot of effort into building a local review community lately.

TripAdvisor has updated their list of restaurants in the Asheville area, we a few that you would expect, and several other surprises. Take a look at the Top 25 Asheville Restaurants According To TripAdvisor and their reviewers, with our quick comments beside them:

  1. Curate – amazing food, always a great spot!
  2. Chestnut – delicious food options in downtown Asheville.
  3. Limones – such incredible food and craft cocktails.
  4. Sunny Point Cafe – a west Asheville eatery and staple in the community.
  5. The Corner Kitchen – a nice spot in Biltmore Village with good, consistent food.
  6. Isis Restaurant – glad they are finally being recognized for their food offerings in west Asheville.
  7. Chai Pani – yummy Indian food in downtown Asheville.
  8. Plant Vegan Restaurant – untouchable, but so eatable, vegan cuisine.
  9. Moe’s Original BBQ – best barbecue in Asheville, as many say!
  10. Nine Mile – always so good with 2 locations to choose from.
  11. Chiesa – the undisputed champion of Italian cuisine in Asheville NC!
  12. Nightbell – from the owners of Curate, of course they are good.
  13. Roman’s – the only deli style restaurant in the top 25 says a lot.
  14. The Admiral – has been one of our faves for a long time.
  15. Fresh Wood Fired Pizza – the only pizza joint in the top 25, I must go.
  16. Urban Orchard Cider Co. – hiding behind the cider are some delicious food choices.
  17. Bouchon – a delicious spot in downtown Asheville.
  18. Rezaz – this spot is great now, love what the new owners are doing.
  19. Inn on the Biltmore Estate – everything they do here is superb.
  20. Sierra Nevada – the only brewery restaurant on this list, and oh so good!
  21. Fig Bistro – one of our faves for so long, located in Biltmore Village.
  22. White Duck Taco Shop – good tacos choices in Asheville, the soon to be Taco City USA.
  23. Tupelo Honey Cafe – great consistent food offerings in downtown and south Asheville.
  24. The Junction – always delicious here, and with craft cocktails too.
  25. Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian – a good Italian family restaurant in north Asheville.

4 thoughts on “Top 25 Restaurants In Asheville According To TripAdvisor

  1. This list is useful. I have eaten at 13 of these. I will check out the others. However, I only eat at restaurants with a 95 or higher sanitation rating.

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