Tiger Woods Falls In Love With Asheville North Carolina!

Tiger Woods is building a home on the outskirts of Asheville North Carolina. No Builder has been specified as of yet, but maybe he would possibly use one from the local Asheville Home Builders Association (AshevilleHBA.com), which is very close to his property. Asheville Custom Home Builders also sent out a bulletin that they are serving the “golfer market” and have some nice land/home/golf packages available in many developments in Asheville, as well as other private mountain properties and real estate. Asheville is building up!

Tiger said that Asheville is a community and a place where he wants to bring his family. He also said he sees it by “looking through his daughters eyes”, seeing the leaves (leaf season). Out of all of the places in the world, Tiger Woods chose Asheville North Carolina, to make what he says is complete nature and beauty mixed with what he is best at… Golf! Looks like many “Green” concepts will be implemented in this great Cliff Community! View Tiger’s 1st American Design by clicking Here.

Mr. Woods said “It’s about making it perfect. He does not do anything not perfect.” People will find a great mixture of ideas on this course because he is personally designing it for himself. Here comes a good percentage of the golf world to Asheville to “chill” with the Man who re-invented the Game of Golf. Obama recently complimented the area when he was in Asheville at the Vance/Aycock dinner and said “If there is a prettier State than North Carolina, I have not see it yet!” He also confessed that he had not been to Alaska, lol. See it on YouTube.com/arratik Also see AshevilleObama.com

When they leave, he wants them to say they “I cant wait to come back”. Asheville North Carolina / Buncombe County is where Tiger Woods and his family will live and play! Ps.. many more celebrities moving toward Asheville soon. Quiet… Tell me what you know…

Click Here to See the News Channel 4 KRNV article

Seattle Times article on Obama, Tiger Woods, and Asheville North Carolina

2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Falls In Love With Asheville North Carolina!

  1. “many more celebrities moving toward Asheville soon.” I Know the Price of land just Sky Rocketed! Out Side Money is good don’t get me wrong. But in this day and age We need Jobs in Asheville. Ive got to meet a lot of Celebrities in Asheville Just walking down the street it’s kinda like the new Bolder CO. of the South East. Things can go bad quick for the local people when People Who Have Money Build houses that cost what some make in a life time. Swannanowa’s land will sell fast. Property Tax’s will go Up, The Guy who works at the Gas Station that makes $1,300.00 a month will be the one who gets hurt. Ive seen it many times and it scares the crap out of me. I Like Asheville the Way it is.

  2. Definitely understand some of the different angles to look at it. Technically that means everyones taxes will rise, but values will rise too. Taxes are immediate, value and equity come later, so it is still off balance a little. The local Gov needs to work out that tax issue, so it will be less of a problem in the future of this inevitable Asheville development we are witnessing. They will probably just deal with it (tax) as it comes, and then wait for the community to protest, like usual. I remember purchasing an acre for $5k awhile back, and the tax bill came and taxed me on $19k. Snapped, we to the courthouse, and they changed the tax accordingly to what I paid for it. Maybe Asheville Real Estate needs to deal under the table, lol.

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