The Snow Came down in Asheville recently

The night before the snow began to fall in Asheville North Carolina, we were up to about 4 in the morning working on several things online. We were pretty sure that the snow forecast was not going to happen. Then… just a few hours later, we wake up to the snow coming down pretty good. Asheville has not had a snowstorm like this since 1993. Even T-Shirts were made that proclaimed “I survived the Blizzard of ’93.” With thousands of people without power, I heard that Ed the wood man was out in Weaverville actually guarding his giant stacks of wood because folks were stealing pieces to make a fire, get some heat, and even cook some food. We talked to a neighbor that said “we are from Florida and never planned on anything like this.” While some were struggling to keep their family warm and fed; others were enjoying Asheville’s winter wonderland by sledding and building snowmen.

What was your recent experience in the Asheville snowstorm? Please leave your comments below…

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