The Palm of Jesus

This has been a really rough week as we get ready for Winter Romance at Biltmore House. I have been feeling a little down and unloved, but as I drove home yesterday from work I started looking at the clouds and taking quick picks. Later, I looked at my phone and this was an image that had formed from the clouds. A reassurance that Jesus has me in the palm of his hand. If you look closely you can see his thumb on the left, then four fingers. In the very center of his palm is the sun and the rays from the sun around it filling his palm! Amazing and what a blessing!

One thought on “The Palm of Jesus

  1. That sounds nice Jennifer. I know some people that would assume that is the hand of Buddha, Yahweh, or Zeus (the cloud gatherer), lol, while others may just see a cloud… but nice inspiration for what you saw. Good luck.

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