The New Pack Square in Downtown Asheville NC

So you must of heard the news by now… they are re-building and designing the Pack Square Park in Downtown Asheville, NC. At one point they were trying to complete a deal that allowed S.B. Coleman to build commercial buildings in this location. That was finally turned down, revoked, due to the terms of the property donated by the Pack family.

Now we proceed with a new plan, a new design and a new idea! And a very exciting one at that. The city of Asheville has decided that the tourism in Asheville is a large part of our economy and that if we focus on the tourism, then Asheville’s economy might not suffer as mush as other cities. The new plan consists of several different attributes that will focus on tourists.

The new park will consist of Roger McGuire Green Space. This green space will be lined with native trees & shrubs. It will be the location of Bascom Lamar Lunsford Stage, a 50-foot stage that will provide a wonderful venue for the numerous groups that perform downtown. Local artists are designing many aspects of this project.
Reuter Terrace will be the middle section of the park this will provide viewing sections for the rest of the park. This area also include a bamboo visitors’ information desk (designed by a local artist) and an outdoor water garden for the pavilion.

The Pack memorial will remain but they will remove the large fountain section and replace it with a smaller gold fountain, shrubbery and benches that will give a more comfortable feel to this section.

Splashville is an interactive water area that will be a round, flat paved surface with water spouts that shoot ribbons of water in the air. The name celebrates the spirit of Pack Square Park, which will be full of opportunities for getting together and having a good time. I am really excited about this new addition.

You can check out Pack Square’s website at:

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