The New Frostbite Ice Cream in West Asheville

Frostbite Ice Cream Asheville

Ice Cream has definitely taken a new twist in Asheville North Carolina. So many delicious ice cream shops all around town, with just about any flavor you can imagine. Frostbite has just recently opened in west Asheville right down the hill from Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack and in front of the bowling alley. We zoomed through the drive-thru before heading home to eat dinner. They had Dynamite Coffee on tap, and we ordered two cups immediately. Then we ordered the ice cream, and come to find out, it is soft-serve and they way they serve it is by starting with ice cream, we chose vanilla, and then twisting in the flavor you choose. Never heard of this before. So we ordered the Black Cherry and the Cotton Candy. And it was so good! The other half of the menu is traditional. When that other ice cream shop down Patton Ave near Cook-Out gets back from hibernating for the winter, they are going to have some tough competition on deck. We eat ice cream year round, round here!

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