The Health Adventure & Buncombe County School’s Field Trips

Have you ever been to the Health Adventure? From our previous ventures there we have experienced many different exhibits from Curious George to The Busy World of Richard Scarry, but we have also explored more of the permanent exhibits that can be seen year round. I love the interaction my children are able to have with the different exhibits. The Nutri-Space & Creative PlayeSpace is where my daughters had the most fun.

My daughter just attended a field trip that took her to our city’s very own Children’s Museum. What a difference my daughter said it was from our personal trips. She was able to learn more, ask questions (That I probably did not know the answers to), and had her friends along for the ride. They had an interactive probability presentation that everyone was able to participate in along with several other presentations that were seen. They also were given free time (Two children per adult) to explore the museum on their own. After they returned to their school they all discussed their likes and dis-likes and why.

Buncombe County Schools 3rd Grade level are all taking field trips to the Health Adventure in downtown Asheville, NC. I am glad that Asheville has a place for our children to learn and grow in a positive way. You can check out the Health Adventure at

They also offer free admission on the first Wednesday of every month after 3 pm.

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