The Great American Car Giveaway in Asheville

Asheville Car Giveaway by AutoStar

AskAsheville had recently found out that AutoStarUSA of Asheville North Carolina is having a promotional contest and they are giving away a Car as the Grand Prize. Now the car is not a brand new car, nor is this The Great American Muscle Car Giveaway; but a Car Giveaway is a Car Giveaway and who doesn’t want to win that?! Think of all you can do with a car, or a second car, or maybe you just want to win it to sell it and make some money? Either way, AutoStar is offering you a chance to win this vehicle.

The vehicle is a 2011 Ford Fiesta and I believe Van, the Owner of AutoStarUSA, will be picking out a random winner on April 15, 2016.

There is No Purchase Necessary to win, and here are 4 ways to enter the drawing:

  1. Like the AutoStar Family Dealerships page on Facebook.
  2. Like the Video featured on Facebook on
  3. Comment on the Video and let them know why you want this car.
  4. Share the Video on Facebook.

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