The Danger of Fearing Change, for whatever reason

Change is something we deal with everyday, and all of us fear it in one way or another. Maybe it is a social change you fear, where you do not enjoy the experience of being in a new atmosphere and meeting new people. Maybe it is a culinary change you fear? You have eaten the same 10 food dishes your whole life, and dare anyone to offer anything else. Maybe it is a religious change you fear? You were taught a certain faith, but deep down in your heart you do not really “believe”. Maybe you fear a personal change? You want to be the real you, but you fear transitioning away from that person everyone else wants you to be. You are always uncomfortable. Maybe you fear a music change? You fear opening up to other styles and genres. As far as you know, your music is the “only” music. Maybe you fear a listening change? You will not listen to anything different; whether faith, music, politics, philosophy… because it is “against” your preferences. Variety is not your thing, and you do not sample. Maybe you fear a culture change? You know people are different, but you carry around and promote bigotry and prejudice in your own discreet way. What’s sad is, you may hide it so good that we will never see it, and offer you a alternative view than yours. You see people and your mind has been trained to judge. Maybe you fear changing locations? A move, sometimes not even so far away, can be difficult. New friends, jobs, and neighbors. You do not venture more than 50 miles from where you were born, and would die before you ever moved.

I invite you to open up a little. Change may simply mean improving someone or something.

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