The Asheville Trivia Wars

Trivia is a lot of fun. There are several options in Asheville NC and here are two for you to review.

First up is Avenue M AVL Trivia on Tuesday evenings at 7:30. Great setting, outdoor patio, full bar with lots of beer on tap, lounge area, and dining tables. Michelle and Jason are the hosts of the evening.

Next up is Kippers Trivia at Broadways on Monday evenings at 9:00. This is in the upper level of the bar with a nice outdoor patio overlooking the streets.

Now you have 2 great local Asheville trivia options to choose from. This is not a war. They are two different groups, the hosts are totally different, there are located in two different settings, and most of all… they are on two different evenings of the week. So if you really loved trivia, you could always attend both.

Video and Article by G Social Media

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