The Asheville Produce Food Truck – Meet Silas

While driving up Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville the other day, I noticed a truck with some artwork on it. I made a u-turn and pulled over to check it out. Turns out it is a produce food truck. I got a chance to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. I got to meet the owner Nate, and also talked to Andrea from Sisters McMullen in the parking lot. Great people ALL the way around. After talking for a few minutes, I asked Nate if he could send me some information about his food truck and business. Here it is:

“This is Nate Ashe with the produce truck. My business is called Silas’s Produce, named after my 10 month old son. I started it at the beginning of May. One day last summer, I wanted a cantaloupe after work and realized there was no fruit stand on the way home. It just evolved from there. I won a bid on Ebay for an 86 Chevy step van. My Dad helped me cut the old tool boxes out of the truck, I cut a hole in the side and had some help welding up a door to vend out of. A local guy I know hooked me up with an awesome paint job, and here I am.

I’ve been setting up at the Phil Mechanic building (by the roundabout on Clingman Ave. in the River Arts District) on Fridays from about 10 am till a little after 5 pm. I am also at Sisters McMullen on Merrimon Ave, Wednesdays (10 till 5). Jolene Mechanic and Andrea McMullen have both been super supportive in letting me use their parking lots to set up in.

I also go to peoples work places, studios, and neighborhoods in the Asheville area. You can keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter. Customers can see where I am and what’s on the truck that day. They can call, text (828 691 9663) and email ( about getting me to come to their office or neighborhood.

I work with some Buncombe County farms, like Meadow Cove in Weaverville, R Farm, and New Sprout in Black Mountain. I also get conventional produce from local suppliers. I carry a variety of different fruits and vegetables. I have SC peaches, cantaloupes, watermelons, tomatoes, kale, romaine lettuce, and anything else that I would want to eat myself.

It’s great being in a town like Asheville, to start a business like this. There is a ton of support from everyone I meet and I really appreciate all the help.

Nate Ashe – Silas’s Produce”

2 thoughts on “The Asheville Produce Food Truck – Meet Silas

  1. What a great idea! Love that the produce is local, well priced and offers a great variety. Nate is a nice guy, good to support a local entrepreneur.

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