The Asheville Daily Deal War – Groupon, Daily Insider, Living Social, Phroogles, UCoups

Everyone loves a great deal. Lots of businesses are coming into town and offering many great local pitches. Going out is fun. Going out for half price is even more fun! One company popped up and the rest of them quickly followed. Check all of them out and leave a comment below telling us what you think.

1. Daily Insider Deals of Asheville – This company has been in the area for many years and they are the local homegrown choice of many in the community.

2. Groupon – Google was about to purchase Groupon, but the deal never went through. They have a strong base of fans and customers. They actually branded the idea allowing others to use a similar business model.

3. Living Social – Living Social follows Groupon wherever they go and sometimes offer better percentages for the businesses. Expecting them in AVL any day.

4. Phroogles – Just recently launched in Asheville by an out of town group.

5. UCoups – Launched the site months ago but have not offered any deals to date. Word is that they are still on track to start their daily deals soon.

Can all of these companies survive in the same Asheville market? Who will win this war?

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One thought on “The Asheville Daily Deal War – Groupon, Daily Insider, Living Social, Phroogles, UCoups

  1. Collective buying site are a great way to reach and attract new customers. Cooperate giant sites like Groupon and Living Social have there place and in fact at times can be a much needed shot in the arm for a struggling biz owner. There is also a nitch for smaller businesses that want to support there local community, need more control and like the idea of doing business with there neighbors. Daily Deal Sites are a great way to introduce yourself to new customers and give a bit back to existing customers as well. Lets face it there will always be Walmart but hopefully we as a community will continue to see the value in supporting a locally owned site. My biggest concern with so many deal sites popping up is that small biz will be faced with no business at all if it isn't discount business. That would be a tragedy!
    In conclusion I don't think that more daily deal sites in Asheville is a good thing.It seems we have it covered with the ones that are up now. I guess it is feast or famine!

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