Woody’s Pizza and Hoagies in Asheville NC

Asheville has so many great places to eat. I consider Woody’s one of them. When I go out to eat, I try a variety of places in the area. Sometimes I feel like splurging where price is not a concern; and other times I am on a tight budget and need a meal that fills my appetite and does not empty my wallet. It all started one day when I saw a tweet from @itswendylou talking about the great food they had there. So I had to go and try it!

Woody’s Pizza and Hoagies is 5 minutes East of Downtown Asheville. If you know where Applebee’s is on Tunnel Rd, they are right behind them in the old Pizza Hut. This is not a “fine dining” spot, but more like a place that has great food, people and prices. On the last few occasions I was there, I have seen even teenagers going on a date to this place. When 2 of you could walk out satisfied for about $15, this is very good!

I love many of the items on their menu. The White Pizza is to die for!!! I want one now just thinking about it. I also order the Cheese Steak Sub/Hoagie/Hero about every other time as well. And a GIANT delicious sandwich is delivered to my table. YUM! I usually eat half and take the other half home for a midnight snack. Lol, last week I actually gave the other half to a dude asking for food on the side of the road. I know I made his day! Talking about delivery… they also deliver to your home, hotel and location in the area including Downtown Asheville; which is very convenient. Call 828-255-8310. They have a few beers on tap and always have a special running.

Stop by and try them out. I am pretty sure you will be back. I have many times. You can also follow @WoodysHoagies on Twitter. Thank you Woody’s Pizza & Hoagies!

Asheville Foodie News – April 2012

Great things happening in the Asheville foodie community! The area has become a Mecca of everything from food trucks to fine dining. There are so many restaurants that are constantly evolving, and also new places opening up. Here is some news and reviews for the month of April 2012:

The Mussels at Strada Asheville are simply amazing! We stopped by the other day to see if one of our favorite appetizers in the area had slacked at all, and the answer was NO! They are so delish. Add a glass of wine to go along with them, and WOW! You will be back.

Also see the new article on the Strada Asheville blog called Bread Talks in Asheville North Carolina. On any given day, they have a case of bread that is packed with fresh breads of many different types for you to choose from. Grab & Go!

While roaming around downtown Asheville, we stopped by the Battery Park Book Exchange. They always have fresh snacks and baked goods in case someone gets hungry, and they had this beautiful white cake ready to be eaten, preferably by me! I usually order a bottle of wine when I am here at meetings, checking out the vast selection of books, or playing hide and go seek on the upper maze level.

Rise N Shine Cafe gets lots of LOVE this month as their breakfast offerings, which are offered all day, made a HUGE impression on many of us in the Asheville community. See several great posts about this spot just 3 minutes north of downtown Asheville:

1. Asheville Time to Rise N Shine, and get some breakfast

2. Rising N Shining for an awesome breakfast

3. Rise ‘n Shine Cafe: Living Local

4. Girl VS World: Asheville’s Rise N Shine Cafe

Oh.. if you are in downtown Asheville and looking for some Mexican food, beer, music, cocktails and some good people watching; check out TallGarys who just released a new menu packed out with many refined and new offerings!

And, if you want the BEST White Pizza in Asheville, we highly recommend that you try out Woody’s Pizza & Hoagies on Tunnel Rd in East Asheville, right behind Applebee’s in the Office Depot parking lot. Great food, people, beer, TVs and fun that NEVER breaks the bank. I have heard many people say they wish they had known about this place sooner because it is such good food & value.

While at the Hotel Indigo the other evening, I talked to Brad who was at the counter behind the snack area at the 151 Boutique Bar & Kitchen. He explained to me that all of the snacks, wraps & muffins they sell are made fresh daily and they are organic. Even the pasta they use here is made from scratch! Nice place to stop in a grab a whole meal, or to grab a delicious snack to stay or go. Coffee is very tasty too!

Had a great meal the other day at The Noodle Shop in downtown Asheville also. Take a look at this.. pork, peppers, onions and Jasmine rice. YUM!

And do not, I said DO NOT forget to get some Ice Cream from The Hop located in both North and West Asheville NC!

Asheville’s 10th Annual Dining Our For Life is Thursday April 26, 2012.

Also meet our friend Kevin Schwartz – Asheville Foodie – The Man Himself!

PS… Voting starts May 1st for Asheville to hold the Title of Beer City USA 2012. Please make sure you place your vote for us!!!

Credits: Articles & Photos by @GSocialMedia