Boutique Shopping in Hendersonville NC

hendersonville nc women shopping

Hendersonville has a lot to offer, plenty of hidden gems and a wonderful community is surfacing more than ever. As tourism and travel increases in Asheville, the neighboring towns will grow right along with it. 

la vida local hendersonville nc

While touring and shopping in Hendersonville recently, we came across this women’s and children’s boutique shop called La Vida Loca. I remember shopping in this store years ago when they were at another location right down the street. Now they have a new and bigger shop on Main Street. The owner was extremely enthusiastic about all of the wonderful styles and fashion they had to offer. One of the staff was there and she quickly changed into a few outfits so I could take some photos. Great time, beautiful outfits, made a few new friends, and now I know where to send my women to shop in Hendersonville NC!

With the new growth in our company, we now have a team in Hendersonville North Carolina and we are getting ready to create some amazing experiences in the area that will make you want to visit, duplicate and do yourself!