An Amazing Restaurant, Woodfire Bar & Grille, Opens in East Asheville

Short Ribs at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

When I pulled up the Holiday Inn in East Asheville, I expected that a dive bar / tiki bar would be awaiting me. Instead I walked into a new restaurant that I would not soon forget. As I entered, I felt as if I were walking into one of Asheville’s high end restaurants.

Craft Beer at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

The atmosphere was prime, the staff was friendly, and the food ended up being so delicious. After my experience, I immediately said to myself that this place is not only my favorite restaurant located inside a hotel, but it could easily stand with the big boys eateries in town. Local craft beer, well made cocktails, wings beyond yum, and short ribs that filled a tall order. Everything was perfect!

Cocktails at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

And don’t just take my word for it, go and check out Chef Jason and the Woodfire Grille, and see for yourself. He sources as much local as he can get his hands on, and both the owners and the staff team that he has put together there empower him and every aspect of this restaurant.

Wings at Woodfire Grille in East Asheville

As many ends of town get saturated with great food options, East Asheville is lacking a little, and the Woodfire Bar & Grill will definitely fill that foodie void in your life, and in your mouth. Without a doubt, this place is a must try!

You can find the Woodfire Bar & Grille on Facebook!

photos by G Social Media

Foodie News: The Social Pizzeria Gets Ready To Open In Swannanoa NC

The Social Pizzeria Asheville Swannanoa NC

We all know The Social in East Asheville, a great place for appetizers, burgers, wings, beer, playing pool, live entertainment, and so much more. Now they are expanding and have purchased the restaurant where Chow Time Pizza was located. They have changed it around a little and are opening The Social Pizzeria in Swannanoa, just minutes east of Asheville NC. They start making pizza on Friday July 1, 2016 and then the rest of the items will be available a week later on Friday July 8, 2016.

Exciting times as this local homegrown business in Asheville is growing and expanding. A BIG Congratulations to Cory and the crew!

The Social Pizzeria & Wings

Football, Wings & More at Wild Wing Cafe Asheville

Wild Wing Cafe Asheville

The other night we wanted to get out for a few, and we wanted to see some football. I guess you can say that we are not sports fans, but knowing that the Carolina Panthers have come this far calls for us to celebrate right along with it. I grew up in a home where we were either rooting for the Giants or the Jets when it came to football, and the New York Yankees or Mets when it came to baseball.

We walked into Wild Wing Cafe in Downtown Asheville and got put on the waiting list. We headed to the bar area to get some food while we waited. A dude by the name of Ramin took care of us, and started the night off perfect with some local craft brews and wings. Then we got seated at a table, and the game had just begun. The Carolina Panthers were making play after play, and we were having a great time. Sam waited on our table and tended greatly to our every need, and there were many. More beer, more wings, shrimp, flatbread pizza, chicken rolls and whatever else we could find. Brooke the hostess was so awesome too. Not only did she check us in, she was extremely prompt and hospitable, even stopping by the table to draw with our daughter for a few minutes.

When the game was almost over, I looked around the room, and my daughter was the only one wearing red, which was the Cardinals colors. We laughed as it is one of her favorite hoodies, but we thought about how many other people most likely thought we were Cardinal fans. Anyway, we were in red, rooting for the Panthers, and we won! Going to Wild Wing Cafe was a win too, great spot, food, and time there. Thank you.


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