Favilla’s Pizza in West Asheville

Favilla's Pizza Asheville

Stopped by Favilla’s Pizza in West Asheville the other night and got some deliciousness to go. I have to say, that this pizzeria is about the closest you are going to get to New York “Hole-In-The-Wall” Style Pizza in the Asheville area. The upper photo is their meatballs and sausage dish, and the other is a regular slice, a “Grandmas” piece (our fave), and their so tasty pinwheels. They expanded into a new dining room at their flagship location last year, and now a new expansion announcement is about to happen any day now!

Asheville Cider at Urban Orchard on Haywood Rd

Urban Orchard Cider Company Asheville

We had not really gotten on the cider wagon. Living in Asheville nowadays, you gravitate to craft beer for the most part. And rightly so. After Beer City USA happened, the craft drinking scene in our community was embedded in our hearts and souls, which led to our mouths and down our throats. Along with that, comes their cousin cider! After reading a recent article about the Top 25 Restaurants in Asheville, and seeing how Urban Orchard Cider Company made this list; we had to go again. Not only that, but when the Asheville Foodie page on Facebook tagged the restaurants on Facebook congratulating them, they were one of the few who responded. Social media counts, so that’s a few more clout points to them in our book!

The cider was delicious, perfect for the Sunday brunch meal that we had which was an Artichoke Dip plate and a Reuben Sandwich. Everything was so good. We sat in the open window seats and enjoyed the fresh air. If you have not been to Urban Orchard Cider Company, they are located on Haywood Rd East in west Asheville on what some call Asheville’s Sweet Slope. Other eateries in walking distance of this spot are The Hop Ice Creamery, Short Street Cakes, HOLE Doughnuts, and the new Taco Billy.

Also, remember that the NC Cider Fest 2015 is coming up on November 7, 2015 in Asheville. That event is going to be tremendous!!

The Eastside of West Asheville

b and b pharmacy west asheville

Asheville has many cultures and personalities. In other words, Biltmore Village folk do not act like River Arts District people. And folks from north Asheville do not act like folks from south Asheville. You can enter the suburb communities in any direction from downtown, and visit a different vibe and theme somewhat. On the eastside of west Asheville, another sub-community is getting established on their own. B&B Pharmacy welcomes as you enter. If you know the area, I-240 separates east west Asheville from west west Asheville. In addition to the walkability factor, this area has a lot to offer. I recently took a walk on this part of Haywood Rd with my daughter.

west asheville highway

The West Asheville highway intersection.

mardis building west asheville

The Mardis Building is home to King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles, Second Gear, and Rhetorical Factory.

king daddy's west asheville

Love me some King Daddy’s!

haywood road west asheville

You can walk to several great shops in the area. The Rhetorical Factory features recycled clothing, and Second Gear sells outdoor gear for hiking, rafting, running, sports and more. Then you have Asheville BookWorks inside the Universal Motors Building, along with more shopping spots.

whist west asheville

We stopped by Whist and found some great items including this “I Love Asheville” cup, and a book on human anatomy that is a must for mankind.

the circle and flora west asheville

The Circle offers glass, fashion and art. Flora is flower design studio and florist.

west asheville haywood rd

From custom glass and repair shops, to custom screenprinting at Image 420, and you can even get a tattoo at Hot Stuff! Of course there is the vintage Gas-Up store on this corner. Lots of development planned for this end of the community, which then connects to Asheville’s Sweet Slope featuring Short Street Cakes, Hole Doughnuts and The Hop Ice Creamery; before heading down to Clingman Ave and the River Arts District.

west asheville restaurants

The Admiral serves delicious cuisine spot that everyone loves. Walk is also a great place to grab lunch and dinner. Battle Cat Coffeehouse is a funky and hipstery coffee shop on Haywood Rd. Tip: park your Benz a few blocks away and walk here.

harvest records west asheville

Harvest Records on the eastside of west Asheville is music heaven!

west asheville bike riding

Haywood Road is also bikable. And Carrier Park is right down the street!

west asheville graffiti

Art, graffiti and creativity line the streets. When coming over to west Asheville, talk a walk on the eastside!

The Buffalo Nickel in West Asheville

buffalo nickel west asheville We were headed to west Asheville for a meeting. There are plenty of wonderful options when it comes to eating on this end of town. Within a 1/2 mile walking distance of each other, you are faced with choices such as The Admiral, Bandidos, Walk, Universal Joint, Nona Mia, Westville Pub, the famed Biscuit Head, Isis, the new Buffalo Nickel and several more. And Asheville Beer is Everywhere! asheville bar buffalo nickel We decided to try the Buffalo Nickel, and glad we did. They have a ground level restaurant, a loungish upstairs with a beautiful bar, tables to dine, a couch and chairs to relax on, plus a whole bonus room of pool tables and high tops on the side. asheville beer buffalo nickel Lots of great brews on tap of course. We ate the Pork Belly, some Clams, and the Wreckfish. So good!

The Well in Asheville announces guest speaker Mark Hare April 3rd

THE WELL, an informal worshipping community in West Asheville, is excited to announce special guest speaker Mark Hare on Sunday, April 3 at 6pm.

Mark Hare works in Haiti with the Farmer’s Movement of Papaye.  Thirty years ago, the FMP started out as a small farmer’s organization with a few members.  Today it is a grassroots movement of thousands of community groups located throughout Haiti and includes 20 farming cooperatives.  Using techniques he learned during six years of volunteer work in Nicaragua, Mark teaches diversification of farming and integration of animal production with vegetables and other crops.  In a nation struggling for survival, Mark shares the good news of God’s abundance found in nature.

Mark received his BA from Warren Wilson, before going on to receive is Masters in forestry from Michigan State University.  We are thrilled to welcome him back to the Asheville area to share the story of his ministry in Haiti.

THE WELL meets at 690 Haywood Rd, in the fellowship hall of West Asheville Presbyterian Church.  for more information about THE WELL or about this special event, contact Bill Buchanan at billbaym@gmail.com or call 828-231-4634.

THE WELL is a ministry of Asheville Youth Mission