Vibrant Asheville Business Socials Thrive

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When it comes to an independent business networking event in the WNC area, Vibrant Asheville Business has quickly taken the huge lead in the community. Alan Rosenthal decided he wanted more than what others offered, so he started building this network from scratch. You do not need to be a member or get “the mark of the beast'” to come and get festive. A simple RSVP will do. This is an open networking meeting focusing on inclusion, relationship building and support. If you have not met Alan, he is a private investigator and helps folks find out what they want to know about pretty much anyone or anything. His job is connecting people with accurate and documented information. He is also heavily involved locally with several great organizations including the Chabad House, the Asheville Jewish Business Association and many others. Alan is a Catalyst!

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Alan noticed that with all of the online networking, people were missing that face to face, that personal contact that many yearned for. Now he brings a great group of friends and business associates together once a month to meet others and celebrate connections. So what is this meeting like? It is an open networking group that meets at Pack’s Tavern to talk, eat and/or drink. Some just come for the people, others for a beer or cocktails, and some come hungry. There may be a few minutes of announcements, but it is much more of a social club than a formal business meeting.

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At the Vibrant Asheville Business meeting last night, Alan had a few former employees of the Asheville Citizen Times come by to share who they are and what they do; giving others the opportunity to meet them and share potential opportunities with them. AskAsheville attended with several people from our team including Gary Jr who does graphic design and images, and Joe who is one of our social media managers. We talked to about 40 people, initiated some great relations, ate, drank and played darts too! Good times all around. Thank you Alan for putting this group together, and to the great staff at Pack’s for the service, smiles and venue.

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