FTW Burlesque Asheville Takeover!

toy boat asheville

I was looking for a place to escape the other night, just for a moment to have a beer by myself, tweet a little, and plan some business. I ended up at the Toy Boat Community Art Space in Biltmore Village and in the middle of the FTW Burlesque Troop, Asheville’s newest rave on the scene; and I got more than what I bargained for. I stepped into the place and the doorman told me $15! I was like “what is going on here” while I scanned the room. The decor was right, the atmosphere was smooth, and people where smiling not smirking. I paid the money and walked to the bar. I have been to many burlesque shows in the community, some way overplayed, but this was new, so I stayed for a few, and glad I did.

ftw asheville burlesque

I was greeted first by this lady in the black cloak and she let me take a photo of her. She looked like she had special powers, and plus, she had a glass of wine in her hand; combined with that light blue hair, I was hypnotized for a second.

asheville ftw burlesque 2013

But there were plenty of great performances ready to happen, like “Deb au Nare” in the middle photo here… she did a skit that was fast-paced and wow! Tristin (on left) and Memphis (on right) were also a part of the amazing entertainment!

ftw burlesque asheville nc

After the show, instead of hiding in a back room, the FTW Burlesque Troop mingled in the crowd, took photos and had a great time with the audience and new fans that were there to show their support of this endeavor.

ftw burlesque asheville askasheville

I went out, not planning on a “Booty Call” but still ended up with one. Hell, make that two. Thank you!