Twisted Crepe serves Thanksgiving to the needy in Asheville

For Thanksgiving lunch, we decided that we were going to go hunting for Chicken and Dumplings since we were having Turkey later that evening. Atlanta Bread Company had some Chicken Dumpling Soup that we feel in love with while at a meeting the other day, but they were closed. So we called the Moose Cafe, found out they were open till 4pm and headed that way. Not only was the line out into the parking lot, but they were only serving 2 meal choices, no dumplings.

So we headed through West Asheville in search of something to eat. Nothing lol. We then shot to downtown AVL on the food hunt. As we passed by the Twisted Crepe, I noticed they were packed. I quickly made a U Turn and grabbed a parking spot. I went in ready to eat, greeted by a couple of people, and then wondered what was going on here. Dustin, the owner, called out to me to say hello and tell me that they were serving Thanksgiving dinner to the needy in the community. I sat down in the foodie bar area, ordered some delish crepes and watched them hard at work, making an imprint in the community and offering a glimpse of hope to some who are considered hopeless.

Watching this team work together in sequence, inspired me. So many people are not only hungry in the Asheville community; but are hungry for people and positive relations. A move like this planted love and food in folks who may not have had a chance to have Thanksgiving otherwise. Thank you Twisted Crepe.