High School in Hendersonville NC releases Anti-Bullying Video

Bullying happens everywhere, and it does not stop when you get out of High School. Many have been faced with bullying from parents, family, siblings, teachers, so-called friends, employers, co-workers and even strangers. Bullying happens at home, at school, on the streets and yes… on social media outlets constantly. This even happens in Western North Carolina, many times by adults who know better, claim that they are community minded & wear a peace hat. Some bullies are loud, proud and vocal about it; while others privately bully others behind the scenes with a smile on their face. Bullies are weaklings that find their strength in stepping on what they consider weaker people, instead of working to better themselves. They put a mask of toughness up to hide who they really are… weak and helpless, screaming for help. It is easier for them to pick on others and make enemies instead of friendships. The team at West Henderson High School performs and makes a statement to the song “Roar” by Katy Perry. This was submitted to Good Morning America for the contest.