A Visit to the East Asheville Tailgate Market

Tailgate Markets are popping up all over Asheville and WNC. Welcome to the East Asheville Tailgate Market at Grove United Methodist Church. I love going to Farmer’s Markets but with all of the random times, I do not get to make it as much as I wish.

Now I am not new to farming. I actually went to a farm camp in Upstate New York and was tortured by bailing hay all day for several months with some seasoned country boys. We collected eggs, milked cows and cleaned the barns. I learned more than I wanted to.

Over the years, I have grown to appreciate the food that I consume, the places it comes from, and who grows it. As a rule, Farmers are great people. Honest, sincere and willing to lend a hand wherever needed. That is the way it is in Western North Carolina and also around the world.

To get the freshest homegrown produce you can grow it yourself or go to local farmer’s and tailgate markets. The food is hundreds and thousands of miles fresher. The closer the better for the most part when it comes to supporting Farmers in your hometown community.

So I ended up at the East Asheville Tailgate Market because of a connection that I made on Twitter. This was not just any connection. This had to do with Cheesecake. I met @RachelsDelectab on Twitter, read her profile and then tweeted her about the Ricotta Cheesecake I was craving. Rachel quickly returned my tweet and gave me a few options. Several days later I am here at the Tailgate Market picking up my 12 mini cheesecakes and racing home to savor!

Great time and I will be back, especially since I know what the hours are now. Did not get to chat with @Grand_Gifts, but he has a great photography display at the East Asheville Tailgate Market. I will stop by and say hello to him next time I am out there.